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Property Gallery has an independent Strata Management department with four (4) full time Strata Managers together with ancillary reception, accounts and administration staff. We currently manage a portfolio that includes residential, commercial, mixed use, survey strata and new builds.

We understand that strata plans are different, determined by bylaws, culture and what the needs of the strata company are. Our philosophy is about keeping it simple. 

Our aim is to provide you with exceptional service designed for your strata plan. We are committed to building excellence in clear and swift communication. Our success is based on putting our client's interest first. 

Our processes and protocols incorporate simple but key ideas and concepts to help make strata living more enjoyable and efficient. 

As a member of Strata Community Australia WA (SCAWA) we keep abreast of industry issues and our team regularly participates in activities and training. 

Look behind the logo at Property Gallery and log in to see us at work continually maintaining and managing your property with your log in you will be able to see exactly where you stand with your financial obligations. You could also read the most recent budget or last minutes of your building,

With Property Gallery you get the most up to date, state of the art management delivering efficiencies that will save you time and money, we even have dedicated staff for insurance claims and policy's or maintenance and compliance matters ensuring you always get the best result and contract for your property at all times.

It’s time for you to step into the future with Property Gallery and benefit from the technical advantages that out dated strata management companies just can’t compete with.


Call Property Gallery today to have your building management system upgraded and step in to the future.


Key reasons to select Property Gallery as your Strata Manager


·         Our goal is to achieve the optimal running costs for your building through efficiency in management and the most up to date methods.


·         We are committed to agreed service guarantees


·         Assured confidentiality – your business is your business


·         Continuing improvement in communication utilising web portal, survey monkey and after hours availability


·         A team of professionally trained staff with definitive knowledge and experience who can provide correct advice and guidance in accordance with the STA 1985 (WA)


·         Internal quality assurance programs ensuring information is correctly captured and recorded


·         User friendly levy payment options, including payment at Australia Post outlets, by B-Pay or cheque forwarded to Deft Payment systems and credit card


·         Realistic budgeting advice ensuring current and long term commitments are identified


·         Our commitment to work with and promptly implement the Committee’s decisions


·         Attention to detail – making certain the basics are correct


Emergency Procedures

Please ensure that in the first instance you refer to your onsite council members for any strata common property issues and/or your strata scheme’s preferred contractor list. 

Property Gallery telephone lines are manned between 9:00AM and 5:00PM Monday to Friday. Incoming calls received outside of these times are directed to message bank which is monitored by our staff to provide for emergency assistance if required. 

Please note: should any work undertaken during an emergency call-out the costs involved for the call-out and the work will be on-charged to the Owner.

Property Gallery Australia Pty Ltd provide after-hours service for emergencies that may arise. To access assistance please contact 08 9430 9430 and leave a detailed message including your name, telephone contact number, address and brief description of the emergency matter. Your call will be converted to text and forwarded to our after hours staff who will contact you directly.


Brown’s Plumbing 9330 5786


PWA Electrical Services 0467 000 997

J.F. Covich & Co Pty Ltd 0418 932 347



Please refer to your strata insurance policy provided annually or online web portal for further policy information. If you have an insurance event outside of business hours, please ensure you contact the insurer on the emergency hour numbers.

CHU 1800 022 444





1. Call 000 for fire and or ambulance if require

2. Call SES (State Emergency Service) on 1300 130 039

POWER LINES FALLEN DOWN Call Western Power immediately on 13 13 51



Strata Titles Act 1985(WA) -

Landgate -

Strata Community Australia WA (SCAWA) -



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